Sunday, July 21, 2013

Eating Cleaner Diet: Week 2

 WOW... What a week
Fertility Procedures, A.C. Unit broke, $140 parking violation fine and a yellow boot put on our car until we paid the $$, Swarming ants attacking our house and possible termite infestation.
How was your week?!
To say the least, this week has not been IDEAL. A few quotes sum up my diet success this week

I get in a funk where I don't like PLANNING my meals. I just fly by the seat of my pants and decide what I am going to eat 5 minutes before I eat it.
Also LOTS of stressful things and emotional things happened this week and I found myself resorting to FOOD as a comfort. REWARDING myself with food because "I deserved" a break.
For example:
Emotional Fertility Procedure = Going out to eat w/ my husband
AC Unit broken & 5 hours of teaching toddlers dance = Yogurtland
$140 Parking Ticket when leaving my sisters house after a nice dinner = going back inside and accepting a rootbeer float while we waited 2 hours for the company to come take the boot off.

Trying not to beat myself up over it as I did refuse homemade chocolate chip cookies brought over from my Visiting Teachers and rootbeer floats and chocolate cake at Sunday dinner at my in-laws.

GOALS for this week are:
PREPARE MEALS & SNACKS and set up a HEALTHY reward system for stressful/emotional situations. New cute gym clothes? Pedicure? Shopping Spree?
I'll let you know how it goes :) Here is what I ate this week. My breakfasts are pretty much the same every morning so I probably won't be posting these anymore unless I have something new. Lots of repeats this week as I was unprepared and just ate what I could find!

Breakfast - Protein Banana Flax Smoothie & 1 c. dark cherries
Snack - 2 Breakfast Cookies
Lunch - Tilapia Fish Tacos
Dinner - BBQ Chicken Salad

Breakfast - Protein Banana Flax Smoothie & 1 c. dark cherries
Lunch - "Habit Burger" Hamburger w/ Sweet Potato Fries
Snack - Trader Joes Almond & Cashew Trailmix

Dinner - 9 Rice Thin Crackers topped w/ homemade chicken salad, side of cucumber and steamed    broccoli

Breakfast - Protein Banana Flax Smoothie & 1/2 c. blueberries
Snack - sliced cucumber, trail mix, TJ's Veggie Chips
Lunch - 3 eggs scrambled & Hashbrowns
Snack - 2 Breakfast Cookies


Dinner - Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas w/ Homemade Guacamole

Breakfast - Protein Banana Flax Smoothie
Lunch - Chicken Salad over Greens
Dinner - Roasted ranch red potatoes w/ Cauliflower Rice 

Breakfast - Protein Banana Flax Smoothie
Lunch - Tilapia Fish Taco
Dinner - Costa Vida Sweet Pork Salad
Treat - YogurtLand 

Breakfast - Protein Banana Flax Smoothie
Lunch - Homemade Cobb Salad, baby carrots w/ ranch
Dinner - Homemade Hamburgers & Fries, Side of Caesar Salad
Treat - Small Rootbeer Float

Breakfast - Apple Slices and 1/2 banana, 2.5 Scrambled Eggs 

Lunch - Chicken Caesar Salad
Snack - "KIND" granola bar: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, TJ's Veggie Chips
Dinner - Ground Turkey Tacos

Hope you all have a great week! Be strong and always try to eat better today than you did yesterday!

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  1. Hi Kimberly! I've been looking at your blog and I'm really excited to try some of your recipes, specifically the tilapia. I started a candida cleanse diet at about the same time as you; I was initially really strict but have had a hard time keeping it up since then. My problems are not identical to yours, but I believe me I do relate to your frustrations. I was wondering what the general outcome of your candida diet was?